Babushka Babes Bracelets

A helping hand for sleep deprived mums

Melbourne Mum Melinda Gibbs, is hoping to help out the ‘sisterhood’ by offering a stylish breastfeeding reminder for sleep deprived new mums.

“I started designing and producing bracelets as a simple reminder. The bracelets are super stylish and are reinforced on a stretchy band to it’s easy to swap them from wrist to wrist (even when feeding your bub in the middle of the night).

“I have two daughters and when I was breastfeeding them, I was so completely exhausted and sleep deprived, I couldn't remember which side I had last fed from” said owner and designer, Melinda Gibbs.

“Wearing the bracelets made me feel special in an otherwise exhausted haze. My daughters loved playing with the Babushka charm when they were feeding. I started giving them as gifts to friends who were new mums and received great feedback.” And Babushka Babes was born...

If you’re in the market for a heavenly handmade breastfeeding bracelet, you can purchase one here for only $20 (with FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide).


​For media enquiries, contact Melinda Gibbs on 0438 063 993.