Kitte Accoutrement

Jewellery For The Brave And Audacious


Emerging from Melbourne's performing arts scene in the late 90's, Kitte Cockerell fell into accessory design by chance. From fortuitous orders and opportunistic markets, commercial demand for her locally produced accessories exploded. 

In just a few years the small production line evolved into a thriving business and by 2000 the Richmond studio housed a large team to manage local manufacturing for Australia's largest fashion retailers. Since then Kitte has worked with industry leaders including Sportsgirl, Kookai, Mimco, Witchery, Seed and Forever New and in 2014 launched her own namesake label, Kitte Accoutrement.

Each Kitte collection is timeless and theatrical, offering bespoke pieces of art to be showcased and adored. Kitte finds inspiration in juxtaposition - contrasting the delicate with the tough. She pushes all boundaries to deliver unexpected combinations & textures while proportion & balance underly all her designs.

Kitte Accoutrement harnesses fiercely creative and confident jewellery design. With Creative Director Kitte's passion for theatrical contrasts and textures, Kitte Accoutrement is made to adorn the brave and the audacious.