Xada Jewellery

Made In Melbourne | Inspired By The World

In a world of mass production it can be hard to express personal style, but Louise Ambry, self confessed jewellery addict and owner/designer of Xada Jewellery has found a way.


Louise has developed a love of creating bespoke, handmade accessories and launched Xada Jewellery in 2011 to fuel her passion. She has since watched it grow it into a thriving success story and still personally designs and produces every piece in the range.


“I love the idea of cutting through the consumer clutter, giving my customers the opportunity to buy directly from the person who made the piece they have selected. It puts more heart soul into the whole process,” Louise said.


Xada Jewellery is a reflection of Louise and all that she values - family, love and fashion.  Louise lives in Melbourne and draws inspiration from the people and the city that she loves and reflects this inspiration in her handcrafted designs.


“I live in one of the most fashionable cities in the world and am surrounded every day by inspiration that feeds my love for textiles, colours and style,” says Louise.


From beads that pop through to gorgeous tassels and semi-precious stones, Louise combines unique textures and colours inspired by what she finds delightful in everyday life.


Xada Jewellery is often playful, sometimes simple but always dotingly made with the best quality materials and lots of imagination ...